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Dual Thermal Sources for Triple-Layer Deposition, with User-Preferred Co-Evaporation Option

Cover Page_triple target_edited.jpg


  • Uniform Thickness: Thermal evaporation simplifies achieving uniform deposition at the desired thickness.

  • High Vacuum Purity: Operate in a high vacuum environment for uniform and impurity-free carbon films.

  • Amorphous Structure: Amorphous carbon films enable particle observation at high magnifications, perfect for FE-SEM, TEM, FIB, EDS, and EBDS analyses.

  • Effortless Aperture Cleaning: SEM aperture cleaning made easy with W and Mo boats.

  • Versatile Deposition Choices: Choose from various deposition options, Carbon Fiber + Carbon Fiber/ Carbon Fiber + Carbon Rod/Metal Boat + Carbon Fiber/and Co-Evaporation (Optional).

metal boat_2023.png
carbon rod_2023.png

Metal Boat

Carbon Rod

Carbon Fiber


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